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I have ordered multiple items and have only received part of my order.

We ship from multiple locations so you may receive multiple deliveries for a single order.


My order has been cancelled and I don’t know why.

As we dispatch from several locations this is simply to state this will not be sent from one of our shipping centres. Your order is still on its way to you from another location. We do understand this can be misleading and are working on improving this. I do hope this helps.


Has been a few days since I ordered and only have an order confirmation.

Our dispatch time is 3-10 working days (which doesn't include weekends and public holidays) in which we process our orders from the point of purchase and you should expect to receive a dispatch email within this time but do not worry as we are working on your order.


Can I upgrade my shipping to next day delivery?

We now offer next day delivery if ordered by 12pm (GMT).


I have ordered and would like to add/remove an item.

We begin processing orders as soon as they are made so we are rarely able to make adjustments after that point. A new item would have to be added by a new order and to remove an item or cancel an order would have to be carried out by contacting

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